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Call Atkins Electric Company at (815) 323-0234. To Help Prevent Appliance Damage Before a Surge Enters Your Home. Surge Protector Installation involes selecting an appropriate surge protector and mounting it in the correct location. The surge protector should be placed in a location that is easily accessible and close to the electrical outlet that is being protected. The surge protector should be rated to handle the amount of current that is being used. Before installation, the user should also check the manufacturer’s instructions for any special requirements for installation. After installation, the user should also test the surge protector to make sure it is working properly; our licensed electricians can take care of it all.

Help Protect Yourself From Expensive Electrical Repairs We deliver various residential electrical services, including electrical repairs, inspections, and remodels. We provide quality residential electrical services to homeowners in Belvidere, Rockford, Poplar Grove, Machesney Park, Harvard, Woodstock, Janesville, Crystal Lake, Belvidere, and the Boone County surrounding areas.

1. Protection Against Power Surges: The most important benefit of a surge protector is that it can protect your electronic devices from power surges. Power surges can occur due to many reasons, such as lightning strikes, power outages, or even from your own home’s wiring. A surge protector acts as a buffer between your device and the power supply, absorbing excess energy and preventing it from damaging your electronics.
2. Protection Against Voltage Spikes: In addition to power surges, surge protectors can also protect your devices from voltage spikes. Voltage spikes are short bursts of very high voltage that can occur due to a variety of reasons. These spikes can damage your electronics and cause them to malfunction. A surge protector can absorb these spikes and protect your devices.
3. Cost Savings: Surge protectors can save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs or replacement of your electronic devices. The cost of a surge protector is less than the cost of a new laptop or another electronic device.
4. Convenience: Surge protectors come in various sizes and shapes. You can find a surge protector that fits your needs and the size of your home or office. You can also find models that have multiple outlets and USB ports so that you need.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Protect Your Home and Valuable Equipment.
To protect your appliances and other devices from electrical surges, a whole-house surge protector is an appliance that is installed inside your home. This involves either shorting or blocking excess current. These are usually installed in your box or electrical panel. This protects appliances plugged into the home’s electricity from any damage.

Anywhere can cause power surges, including your home’s heating and cooling, electrical and solar systems, pool, solar, and cable systems. You need to ensure that all your indoor and outdoor devices are protected.

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There are many reasons why power surges may occur. Various factors, including grid disruptions, natural disasters, and bad weather, can cause a power surge. Power surges can affect any appliances and systems that use electricity. Benefits include:

  •  PROTECT YOUR HOME APPLIANCES. Take a look at all the appliances in your house. All electrical appliances, including televisions, smartphones, laptops, heating and cooling systems, and cooking appliances, rely on electricity. Protect expensive devices with surge protection.
  •  LAYERING It is wise to invest in surge protection. Layering adds an extra layer of protection. Layering connects your system to your electrical panel when it is being used. Layering can be a great way to protect your investment in entertainment systems and other expensive appliances.
  •  PROTECTION One of these systems’ primary functions is to protect your appliances from damage. It protects your electrical system. Your home is protected if there’s an electrical surge from one of your appliances.

What appliances should be plugged into a surge protector?
Appliances that should be plugged into a surge protector include computers, televisions,gaming systems, printers, speakers, microwaves, and other electronic devices.

Do surge protectors increase electricity bills?
No, surge protectors do not increase electricity bills. Surge protectors protect devices from sudden spikes in electricity, which can help to save energy in the long run.

Do you need an electrician to install a whole house surge protector?
Yes, it is recommended that an electrician be consulted for the installation of a whole-house surge protector.

Can I install a surge protector myself?
Yes, you can install a surge protector yourself. Most surge protectors come with instructions on how to install them, so you can follow the instructions to properly install the surge protector.

How much does it cost to install surge protection in IL?
The cost of surge protection installation in Illinois can vary depending on the size of the building and the type of surge protection being installed. Generally, surge protection installation can range from $500 to $2,500.

Should surge protectors be plugged into the wall?
Yes, surge protectors should be plugged into the wall. This will help protect your valuable electronics, such as computers and televisions, from power surges.

How long do surge protectors last?
The lifespan of a surge protector is typically between three to five years. However, this can vary depending on the quality of the surge protector and the frequency of power surges.

Why hire a professional?

The electrical system in your home is complex. It’s essential to hire a professional to do any electrical work; it can be dangerous to attempt this service alone. Atkins Electric Company is here to help you with any problematic electrical work. Our flat-rate pricing is combined with fast service to ensure you can continue your day without interruption.

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